The Darkening Preview – PC Home (September 1995)

I’ve just been generously donated a large pile of old PC magazines for the price of postage. There are no PC Zones so it won’t help with that particular project and it was instead mainly CD-ROM Magazine, PC Answers and PC Home from around 94/95. I only bought a handful of these at the time when the cover CD was particularly appealing. The main reason for this is that they weren’t 100% games but they were still a lot less serious and more entertainment oriented than the giant tomes like PC Plus used to be.

The first thing I have to do with any old magazines like this is look through them all for articles on Origin games. I found a small number of them to get through starting with this preview of The Darkening, back before it became Privateer 2. It’s a brief article which is frustrating given that the author apparently got a full tour of the studio as well as meeting the cast. It does however include a gruesome photo of one the actors in burn makeup that I don’t recall seeing before.


I’ve just spotted a further page with a Clive Owen interview which I ‘d managed to miss entirely first time around :-


4 thoughts on “The Darkening Preview – PC Home (September 1995)

  1. Interesting, these magazines are currently not well preserved.
    Question : does some of these magazines contain reviews of Little Big Adventure ?
    I’m looking for a specific review with a rating around 66%.

      • Probably, thanks.
        I got that from the French magazine Joystick who had in May 1995 a short news saying in substance “A British mag rated LBA 66%, centering its review on the fact that the game was French and thus necessarily bad. These Brits are weird.” Since that day I’m looking for that review.
        I wouldn’t have expected that from PC Format, though.

        • In that case, this looks to be the one. The first lines are “The French don’t half come out with some rubbish. Jean Michel Jarre for instance, or nouvelle cuisine.” I’ll run off a scan and post it on here.

          The general attitude to French games that I remember back then was that they usually looked and sounded great but could be extremely strange.

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