PC Zone Issue 17 – August 1994


Here’s the latest PC Zone PDF of the August 1994 issue. This one covers some some real classics in the shape of Syndicate Plus, Simon The Sorcerer and Theme Park. There is also a competition for the forthcoming Beverley Hillbillies adventure game. I thought I knew most adventure games from this era but I confess that this one has passed me by entirely before now. I gather it’s one of the worst ever so I’ve clearly not been missing out. This latest PDF can be downloaded along with the rest at http://www.pixsoriginadventures.co.uk/PCZone

4 thoughts on “PC Zone Issue 17 – August 1994

  1. Just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate the effort you’re putting in to scanning this mags in. I come back every few days hoping for another issue to bring me closer to a full set. I’ve been keeping an eye out for any of the missing early issues, and will happily pay for them if I find any.


    • You’re welcome. I’ve still got another 7 or 8 of these early ones left to scan before I’m out. Someone has offered to help with the 2000-2006 issues and has started scanning them already so those should get done a whole lot faster. They are chopping their magazines up and feeding them through, not something I’d want to do myself but it will certainly speed things up.

      I’ve got searches on Ebay for the missing issues so we want to make sure we don’t compete against each other if it ever comes to it.

      • Good to know! Honestly, I’m happy to chip in financially to fill the gaps. I’m in Australia, so if I find any over here, I have someone that can scan them for me and will provide. Not many pass through Ebay over here though. At least not from the early days.

        I think I know something you can do when you finish the PC Zones. You have some other mags that start with PC that are just begging for the treatment. 😉

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