Vecalabeth – Alpha

I’ve been beavering away at Vecalabeth in my spare time this week and have reached a point where basically everything is in there. I found a site with an analysis of the Akalabeth source code at which I’ve referred to extensively and it has sped things along no end. It’s essentially working but there are bugs I know about and I’ve done next to no testing or polishing. The code is something of a mess and I’ve basically just thrown everything together as quickly as possible to see if it would fit which apparently it does.

I’ll put a link at the end if any of the handful of Vectrex32 owners want to give it a go. Don’t expect it to work all that well but I’m not going to get chance to do any more for a few days.

The biggest problems right now are:-

  • The menus in the game are a little fiddly
  • Some of the secret walls show up depending on your rotation
  • I’ve done no real testing beyond a quick walkabout. There will undoubtedly be bugs/crashes.

As a rule button 1 uses things, i.e. open chest, climb ladder, enter dungeon, select on menu etc.. Button 2 attacks. Button 4 brings up the inventory from where you can equip weapons (as opposed to choosing a weapon every single time). You can also access your stats from that menu (I’ll move these to button 3 some time).

I’ve certainly learnt a lot about Akalabeth’s inner workings. The dungeon generation looks essentially broken to me but I’ve gone with what was in the original code unless I’m missing something. There is certainly no guarantee of having a route between ladders but going up/down a level will generate a new level every time so this is always an option if you are stuck. I need to go back and play Akalabeth and do some comparison which is something I’ve not tried as of yet.

Assuming I can get all the bugs out, I may have a look at adding some sound/music. I also quite like the idea of putting in Lands Of Lore/Stonekeep style 3D movement when walking around in the dungeons. Vector graphics make that sort of thing a lot easier and I reckon I could do something half decent with just some scrolling and scaling. First things first though and I’ll try to get everything that is there already working correctly.

If you want to give it a go as is the files are at

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