Wing Commander – C64


Here’s a game for the Wing Commander fan who has to own it all, Wing Commander for the Commodore 64. This has absolutely nothing to do with the Origin game but it did get there 6 years earlier. I had to buy this when I saw it and give it a go.


I kind of wish I hadn’t. This is an early C64 title so I have to give it some latitude I suppose but 8-bit flight sims aren’t usually the best and this is no different.

In the game you have to take off from an invisible runway and then fly around an island taking out enemy planes. The horizon tilts around but doesn’t show any objects on the ground at all.


Instead, to track your location you have a map screen which can be accessed at any time and also a grid of squares on the left of the cockpit which indicate where to fly towards to reach the enemy plane. The plane you are flying is prone to rip itself apart if you go too fast so you have to measure thrust levels carefully accounting for rate of climb and altitude.

If you do manage to catch up with an enemy plane, it will briefly appear on the view screen and you have to try to shoot it down. There isn’t much time to do this, let alone actually capturing a photo of it. You spend far more time flying around that anything else trying not to go too fast.

I didn’t give this much of a go. To be frank, it’s all a bit tedious and definitely not recommended but I do like the title at least. I might have played this a bit in 1984 but these days it’s staying on the shelf.


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