British By Any Other Name – PC Review

More scans from the pages of PC Review (click to view in full size). This is a 3 page artcile on Origin from February 1993. There are a few noteworthy things in there. A VR Ultima X would have certainly have been interesting…..

BritishByAnyOtherNamePage1 BritishByAnyOtherNamePage2 BritishByAnyOtherNamePage3

2 thoughts on “British By Any Other Name – PC Review

  1. Funny, I know most of these PC Review articles, even though I never read the mag before. How? PC Review had a German version in the early 90s. I knew some stuff was translated from the UK version, but wasn’t aware of how much and what. For this article, they even changed the Shakespeare reference into one to Goethe, imagine that.

    • And I was thinking no one would have seen these outside the UK. I’ll be swapping over to PC Zone’s at some point but I’m guessing you got those as well.

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