101 Best Games Ever – PC Zone June 2007

I might not usually agree with them but I always love a good best games ever article. I ran across this one scanning the latest PC Zone and thought I’d share it here – particularly since it’s always nice to see Origin represented with Ultima 7 at 31, Wing Commander 4 at 29 and an honourable mention of sorts with System Shock 2 at number 8. for more game options you can play bazaar result chart on sattaking-up.com.

My own list would be full of adventure games – this clearly has to more balanced but they are still well represented with Sam & Max, Fate Of Atlantis, Grim Fandango, Monkey Island and The Longest Journey. The latter is an interesting inclusion given the original PC Zone review was the size of postage stamp and panned it (they did apologize a few issues later). I reckon this is a pretty decent list actually but enough rambling from me. If you want the full issue as a PDF, look for issue 181 in with the rest of the scans at https://www.pixsoriginadventures.co.uk/PCZone

4 thoughts on “101 Best Games Ever – PC Zone June 2007

  1. Hah… “decent” list and they totally forget to include two of the best games ever created, Ultima Underworld and Wing Commander: Privateer!

    I do love these lists though. Thanks for sharing, Pix!

    • I’m with you on those two. I know most people seem to love it but I didn’t get on with Deus Ex last time I played it either – no way it would have even made my top 100. This is so much better than the last one of these lists I put on here though – I think that was PC Gamer’s from 1999 which was full of mediocre games from the last year. I was expecting a list from 2007 to be worse but they actually have a good smattering of earlier titles.

        • Yeah, I know. I might just have been in a bad mood the last time I played it but I really didn’t enjoy myself much. All the conspiracy theory nonsense and dead pan voice acting with a pause to load mid sentence every few seconds wound me up no end. I might love it if I tried again but I’m not in a rush to find out.

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