4 More PDF's

I’ve added another set of pdf’s to the downloads. They are Forge Of Virtue, and Quest For Clues 1-3. I struggled with Forge of Virtue so the quality isn’t brilliant, I may skip scanning the rest of the novels. The print is so close to the spine on them that the only way to get a decent scan would be to sacrifice copies for the greater good. I should get the last 3 Quest For Clues books scanned in the next week.

2 thoughts on “4 More PDF's

  1. Thanks again 🙂

    I hope you still do the avatar adventure books, but if the print is so close to the spine….

    I’m gonna try to see if I can get access to a good book scanner at college or something and maybe I could scan Temper of Wisdom myself.

    • There is no problem with the Avatar Adventures books and I’ll be scanning them in fairly soon. They are oversized paperbacks like the Wing Commander 1 & 2 Stategy Guide. It’s just the small paperback novels so thats only Temper Of Wisdom and the 3 Ultima Online 2 novels. There is more of a margin on the UO2 novels so they could be ok as well.

      For Temper Of Wisdom and Forge of Virtue, I’d have to wreck the spines to scan them properly. I hope you can do better with more professional equipment but I think it will be difficult without causing some damage.

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