A new home

Welcome to the new home for Pix’s Origin Adventures. It’s been a lot easier to move than I anticipated. I’ve sorted out some webspace with Freeola at a more than reasonable price (especially for unlimited bandwidth and space), moved my blog over to wordpress, changed all the links + am currently uploading all the screenshots to my new webspace and believe me it will take a while. I didn’t realise it at the time but yesterdays post took me past the 10,000 screenshot mark since I started this blog. To reel off another stat the import file had over 430,000 words which is nearly as many as Lord of the Rings. I’m impressed even if no one else is.

I’ve got loads of new features + full control over the site now so I might look at changing it around a bit at some point. I’ve also finally got viewing stats so I’ll be able to see if anyone ever reads this which is something I’ve always wondered. Before I do anything else though, I’m going to go back to Deus Ex and play the other two endings as soon as I get everything moved across.

If anyone spots any problems on here, let me know and I’ll try to sort them out.

One thought on “A new home

  1. Awesome. Glad you found a new home and that the blog will continue! Looking forward to hearing about Lazarus (which I installed and played with a bit, but decided I’d rather replay the real thing instead which I did) and Thief 2 (which is superb).

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