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Its been done before but in this blog, I’m intending to play through all the Ultima games in order from start to finish (without cheating), and post my thoughts and progress here. Does the world need another Ultima blog when its already been done so well? Probably not, but I’m going to do it anyway. I’ve always wanted to play through the whole series and that blog has inspired me to give it a go. I’m not going to attempt to be as thorough in my blog, and I may do things a bit differently as I’m not so adverse to using upgrades where they are available, e.g. I’m intending to play Lazarus instead of the original Ultima 5. I’ll also break off to look at some of the Ultima ‘literature’ along the way (hint books, avatar adventures, the two Ultima novels, the Shay Addams Ultima book etc..) I note that it took about the other guy, a year to play through all the games. I’m sure it can’t possibly take me that long…. 

To give a bit of background, I’ve been an Ultima fan for many years and am old enough to just about remember the early games coming out. I’ve played some of them several times, but others not at all (including the likes of serpent isle).  I’m a bit late starting the blog so I’m already a few games in, I’ll cover them all briefly then go through the later games in more detail.

Enough with the intro. On to Akalabeth…..

EDIT: I decided partway through Ultima 3 to expand my run through the Ultima games to include every game Origin ever made in vaguely chronological order (although I may change my mind about the order). I’ve collected all these games and probably never played half of them so its about time I did. I’ll cover the other Origin games in more detail than the Ultimas, and include screenshots since they haven’t been blogged before.

6 thoughts on “Another Ultima Blog

  1. Well, I have just discovered your blog and you are already at ultima VI in less than 3 months O_o

    Well I think I have a lot of reading to do 🙂

    I’m trying to do the same (yeah… another ultima blog), but in spanish so that my friends know why I like Ultima so much, and I was thinking about playing some origin games too because they are more or less related to ultima in some way…

    Just a suggestion. Now that you are at it, I wonder why you haven’t tried the games Caverns of Freitag and The Quest. They are not Origin games, but they are really tied up to ultima and origin.

    An finally, I’m assuming you are the same Pix that uploads some manuals in replacementdocs. Man if you got the missing cluebooks from the later ultima games that would be great 🙂

    well that’s it. hope you finish this blog 🙂

  2. I wouldn’t fancy reading through all that lot in one go. I spend a lot more time playing the games than writing them up on here so my posts tend to ramble on a bit.

    I’d be interested in both those 2 games but I’ve got 60 titles to play through as it is. Ultima 6 is only no 21, I really don’t need more. I might go back and pick up some odds and ends like that if I get the rest of these games played (probably after a break).

    I am the guy that uploaded all the Ultima stuff to replacementdocs. I’m sure I wil eventually get around to doing the rest of the cluebooks. I’ve got scans of Underworld 2 and Ultima 8 sat on my harddisk from ages back – I’ll try to get them uploaded at some point.

  3. that would be great 🙂 thanks a lot. I really want to read all the cluebooks. They have a lot of info on ultima.

    well just so you have the info about all the games that were not published by origin but were related to them are:

    Caverns of Freitag (apple2) – Done by Dallas Snell and also mentioned in Ultima VI

    The Quest (appel2) – the precursor of Ring Quest (works the same way but it’s shorter.

    Deep Space – A game done by Paul Neurath which looks close to his later game Space Rogue.

    System Shock 2 – I don’t think I have to explain this one.

    Metal morph (snes) – an arcade game, collaboration between Origin and FCI

    btw, thanks for your quick reply 🙂

  4. I’ve put up the two cluebooks I mentioned – they will need approving first of course. I scanned them in over 2 years ago and just had to put them into a pdf. Not sure why I never got around to it although the fact I was still waiting for docs to be approved 18 months later last time I uploaded stuff might have something to do with it. AFAIK that leaves 7, SI and 9? I’m unlikely to do them anytime soon, maybe when I play the games.
    Metal morph is on my list as being published by Origin so I’ll be playing it when I get that far. System Shock 2 is one of those games I bought when it came out and never played much mainly because I never really got started on the original. I’ll definitely try that out after I finish everything else. Chris Roberts published a couple of games as well before Origin, Wizadore & Strykers Run which I’d be interested in + I’d like to play Lazarus at some point.
    Being realistic, I’ll probably be ready for some up to date stuff if I ever get to the end and finish Ultima 9. I’m basically not touching any other games until I finish this lot which is one of the reasons I’m getting through them so fast.

  5. Thanks a lot, lets hope they get approved soon. I am really looking forward for those cluebooks.

    I don’t know much about the u9 one. It is done in the same way as the others? or is just a plain guide?

    System Shock 1 is a good game but even though it uses the uw engine, it’s really different. Also it has a lot of enemies around so it has a lot of random fights (something uw didn’t have at all).

    I have jut checked those Chris Roberts games… I think he did better ones at Origin heh

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