Bad Blood Review – PC Leisure

This is the final review I’ll be uploading from PC Leisure magazine, Bad Blood from the Autumn 1990 issue. The reviewer loved the intro but was less keen on the game. I notice from the review that as often happened, us Brits got done out of the extras that came with the USA release.


2 thoughts on “Bad Blood Review – PC Leisure

  1. I used to have every issue of PC Leisure, but they’ve disappeared over several house moves 🙁

    How many issues of PC Leisure magazine do you have?

    There’s very little info about it on the web, aside from Thunor’s scans [].

    Please consider scanning any issues you have to preserve this great magazine.

    • I’ve nothing that isn’t already on Thunor’s site I’m sorry to say. If I ever see any for sale I’ve every intention of snapping them up but that probably won’t ever happen. Other than that the oldest PC gaming mags I’ve got are a load of PC Reviews starting around issue 6 or 7.

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