Console Manual Scans

I’ve added a batch of new scans to the downloads for the console versions of various Origin games, some of which were available elsewhere already but they are on here now as well. The new pdfs are manuals for Ultima 3 (NES & Famicom), Ultima 4 (NES & Famicom), Ultima 6 (NES & Super Famicom), Ultima 7 (Super Famicom), Wing Commander (Mega CD & Sega CD) & Wing Commander Secret Missions (SNES).

In addition to all of those, I’ve been kindly sent a scan of the Lands Of Lore clue book by Matt Larson. This isn’t anything to do with Origin but I love the game so I’ve added that also.

2 thoughts on “Console Manual Scans

  1. Thanks for all of them as always. I was also interested on the LoL cluebooks too.

    The etherial monster illustration from the ultima 7 snes manual is very interesting.

    It’s also funny to see how the japanese u6 manual looked very close to the original manual whereas the translated is not…

  2. LOVE this! The MegaCD and SegaCD manuals are fascinating.

    I still want to get you a copy of the Japanese WC3 PSX official guide to scan, it’s another beautiful full-color affair that I can’t read a word of but love looking at.

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