Day 67

I had another go at the final mission tonight. It took a few attempts but I finally managed to clear all the fighters. After this the base is a sitting duck – its just a case of retreating, locking a torpedo then closing in to fire it.

Two torpedoes later and it blows up.

The end sequence kicks in – its surprisingly brief given the length of some of the other cutscenes – the admiral finally decides I’m not that bad after all and promotes me to Colonel and the end credits come on. This could be the first of the games that actually had end credits – I’m struggling to think of another anyway. I suppose movies have scrolling credits at the end so Origin followed suit.

For anyone who sits through the credits there is a final cutscene where the emporer floats by vowing to return and gets tractored in by a Kilrathi ship.

I’m less impressed than I thought I would be with WC2 really – the plot was just too trite and predictable and it didn’t give enough new over WC1 most of the time. Its fun in a mindless sort of way but this is my 4th Wing Commander game in 2 or 3 weeks and I could do with seeing something new other than a few cutscenes. I remember it far too well also from playing it years back so I knew what was coming the whole way – a lot of the fun the first time round was just following the plot along, corny as it was. I’m much less familiar with the mission packs so hopefully they will spark my interest a bit more. 

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One thought on “Day 67

  1. I remember the last mission a long time back, took me several attempts (almost 3 days) to finish it.

    I always had trouble killing off the starbase because after fighting off the prince & the elite fighter squadron that pops up, my ship way was always near death, no shields & no armor left. Plus, the base had a lot of flak cannons that always destroyed any torpedo attempt I made.

    So this one time I had exhausted all my torpedoes & decided to return to base due to a lack of a better option, suddenly the ending sequence pops up even thought I did not destroy the starbase.

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