Day 99

I make my way to the frontier of space and sign on to map new systems. For my first mission, I have to fly out to an unmapped system that has already accounted for 3 ships which never returned. The system is teeming with pirates, not to mention asteroids but its not too hard.

Next is another system attached to the last one I explored. There is a lost pilot I have to look out for out here.

I find the lost pilot but hes gone nuts for some unexplained reason.

Next mission is yet another new system attached to the last one. This is where things get much more tricky.

Apart from having to go through 4 fighters at every nav point on the way and endless asteroids, the system itself is chock full of Kilrathi who I can’t afterburn away from.

I even encounter my first cap ship although its doesn’t seem to have much firepower. I just park on its tail and keep shooting. I’ve struggled a lot with this mission. I finally cleared out the system and mapped every point then managed to press J instead of L after I’d jumped out and jumped straight back again thereby running out of fuel so I couldn’t get home. At this point I gave in and called it a night. I think I know what I’m doing with this mission now but the numbers of enemy on this one are just ludicrous. If I took out every one, going both ways I’d have to kill over 40.

I was expecting to finish this game tonight but that mission has put the brakes on. It should only take a couple of gos now I’ve sorted my tactics out tommorow, I just hope there isn’t anything much harder than this one to come.

6 thoughts on “Day 99

  1. Hey, seeing you playing this, I tried my own copy of privateer, and I notice I have speech in all the game.

    I say this because seeing your screenshots, it seems you don’t have speech during conversations. Are you using the speech pack?

  2. I have the speech pack but I’m playing the floppy disk version which just added some speech during flight (and not all of that) in the same manner as Wing Commander 2. The CD has speech for everything then I take it?

  3. I didn’t get the last part? was that a question?

    er.. if yes, then yeah, the CD version has voices for all the characters in both the game and the expansion. They are not very well acted, but are nice 🙂

  4. It was a question – I didn’t realise Origin made a full speech version although I should have guessed since they did the same with Strike Commander.

    I’m not sure if I like the idea much given the standard of speech in some of these games but I might try to get hold of the classics CD so I can give it a go when I play Righteous Fire.

    I’m scanning in the Serpent Isle cluebook as I type. I’ll get it uploaded by tommorow night. That will be the last for now. The Ultima 9 book is a bit of a monster and several hundred pages long.

  5. Ultima 9 is hundred of pages long?????? the game does not have that much content for that heh.

    I have seen you have already uploaded both Ultima VII cluebooks. Once again, thanks a lot.

    btw, a bit off topic, but I found this the other day (If you haven’t played Bioforge it contains spoilers):

    It’s the intro for Bioforge Plus, the sequel to Bioforge. The weird thing is that I didn’t know the intro was released…. (The game wasn’t for sure) O_o
    Do you know anything about this?

  6. The u9 cluebook is better than you would expect but does go into too much detail. Its got a lengthy interview with Richard Garriot + all of those virtue stories which were published on the U9 website before the game came out. Theres even a pull out poster of the big painting that hangs in the museum in the game.

    Thanks for the link – I remember Bioforge well so theres no problems with spoilers. Its quite a nice intro, I just wish I could play the game now especially considering the ending of the first game. Why is it that games with cliffhanger endings hardly ever get sequels? The guy that posted it used to work for Origin which would explain where he got it from.

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