Games That Changed The World – Ultima Underworld

My PC Zone scanning has turned up another Origin game retrospective, this time on Ultima Underworld which had the honour of being first out of the gate for their “Games That Changed The World” series back in April 2002. It includes interviews with Paul Neurath, Doug Church and Warren Spector:-

The article was quite brief in the magazine itself with the interviews being very cut down. The real fun is in the full interviews which were originally available on the PC Zone website and also on the cover DVD. I’ve uploaded these as well which are available to view in their full 2002 internet splendour here.

One thought on “Games That Changed The World – Ultima Underworld

  1. Surely one of the best ever computer games. I still play it every few years – atmospheric and absorbing. The voice acting on the intro makes me laugh though.

    ‘then thy LIES will have laid thee LOWWW’

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