Origin Save Games

Not sure if anyone is interested in these but while I was moving over my webspace I found my backup file of my Origin games folder. I stored all the Origin games I played in one folder on my hard disk and it’s basically that folder with most of the game files cleared out. There should be a savegame at the end for pretty much everything from Akalabeth right up to Ultima 9 for anyone who fancies seeing the end of any of the games for themselves. You can download the file from here – its about 50 Mb.

4 thoughts on “Origin Save Games

  1. Hey great.

    I’m downloading it. Thanks for sharing.

    I already have somewhere savegames in the end of all the ultima games and most of the Wing Commander ones, but it would be nice having also savegames for other origin games.

    btw Pix, I wanted to ask you one thing. Do you still have the scanned cluebooks of both Ultima VIIs around?

    I must admit I’m losing faith on ReplacementDocs lately (specially since the site went down last december…), and I’m really interested in reading those.

    • Sorry, I’ve not got any of the scans any more. I lost all my backups a while back when my hard disk stopped working. I’d have lost all these save games if I hadn’t uploaded them for someone. I expect replacementdocs will be back eventually but they have never exactly rushed with anything in my experience.

    • Yes, I’m still playing it so I’ve got savegames for the end of each days play. I wasn’t going to upload them but can do if you like. Are you wanting one from the end of the game? If you are I’ll have to finish it myself first which will probably be this weekend.

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