PC Zone – New Cover Disks

It must have been over a year since I last updated the PC Zone archive on here but that’s all changing. Last week, I received the single biggest donation since I started this whole endeavour in the shape of a big box full of what must be hundreds of cover disks. Thanks very much Stewart!. I’ve started going through all these, figuring out which I’ve already done and which are missing. I’ve also been given two of the magazines that currently have only been photographed which will be getting proper scans in due course.

So far, there were a handful of floppies from the first 25 issues which have all been done and I’ve added the DVD’s for 8 or 9 of the later issues over the weekend (including the very last issue). I’ll be chipping away at the other disks in the coming weeks. The main hindrance is the lengthy upload time for these DVD’s.

I’ve previously avoided drawing up a list of exactly what I’m still missing given just how much of it there was. This is going to plug most of the gaps I expect so I’ll be putting a full list together once I’ve gone through uploading everything new. That will probably be a month or two but in the meanwhile, if you happen to have a big pile of cover disks sat around (especially anything from the very early issues), I’d still very much like to hear from you.

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