Strike Commander CD Review – PC Zone Issue 14

One last Origin review for the day from the scans I’ve been sent by Ian Williams. This review of Strike Commander CD is from the April 1994 PC Zone. This time, they actually like the game a whole lot more than me. More speech wasn’t necessarily a good thing with Origin’s CD releases in my opinion.

One thought on “Strike Commander CD Review – PC Zone Issue 14

  1. Bummed that I haven’t found your blog earlier! That said, well done 🙂

    Of all the flightsims I’ve played this is the one that I have the most fond memories of. Perhaps on the same shelf as Starlancer if you include Sci-fi. No surprise I guess since the two games have the same pedigree.

    I had a tiny tiny hope that HawX would be something similar but realized pretty soon it wasn’t going to come close. Thanks for reminding me of this game! 🙂

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