Ultima 2 Review – Computer Gaming World

I always enjoy reading old reviews and there will be a load from CGW coming up on here, thanks to an archive of scans I found the other day. This one is a review of Ultima 2 from March/April 1983. It’s far more in-depth than the Ultima I review yesterday and the game gets a good reception.

Ultima2ReviewCGWPage1 Ultima2ReviewCGWPage2

Ultima2ReviewCGWPage3 Ultima2ReviewCGWPage4

I’ve also included an advert for Ultima 2 from the same issue + an advert for Marauder (another SierraVenture game). I’ve included Marauder for curiosity value as it has basically the same spaceman as the Ultima 2 box with the colours changed. This is also the case with the actual game box as shown on Mobygames

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