Ultima Completion Certificates

These are an interesting bit of history going right back to the early days of Origin. From the release of Ultima 3, Origin started sending out personalised certificates when you completed an Ultima game. All you had to do was ring or write to them after you finished the game and they would mail it to you. Being in the UK, I never actually tried this out for myself. The games end screen would usually say to write to Lord British which was a problem when he was on the other side of the world. Mindscape were distributing Origin games in England at the time I finished my first Ultima (Underworld), I’ve no idea whether I could have written to them instead but I never tried it.

None of these certificates are mine, or even in my possession unfortunately. The scans have been provided by Natreg who in turn got them off the internet at some point. I remember seeing them myself years back but I can’t remember what the site was and if it’s still there I can’t find it. I’ve also included a scan of the Ultima Trilogy certificate which I’ve pinched off a wcnews.com article about some acquisitions of Joe Garrity at the Origin Musuem. There are several missing off the list here, so if anyone has them or knows where they are available I’d love to see them.

Ultima 3

Ultima Trilogy

Ultima 5

Ultima 6

Ultima Underworld

Ultima 7

Serpent Isle

Serpent Isle(Alternative)

Ultima 8

9 thoughts on “Ultima Completion Certificates

  1. Thanks Pix…and thanks for the credit too!
    Many of those completion certs are from the collection of Jason Cobb, aka Jocksitter Dragon. He purchased (or was given) all of the ones belonging to Donald Kruse.
    Yes, there was a Trilogy certificate, but there was *not* a Second Trilogy cert (to the best of my knowledge). I had 2 of the Trilogy certs (I’m the Origin Museum, after all), and in an effort to help Jason Cobb complete his collection, I traded him my second copy. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Here is the best part tho–there was *NOT* a Serpent I sle certificate either–Razimus-aka-Dr. Pepper Dragon actually created his own, and sent it to Richard Garriott for signature. Garriott signed it, and sent it back–That’s why you have 2 there, one was the original writeup, and the other is a scan of his final work. how’s *THAT* for dedication!

    • Thanks for all the info. I remember Jocksitter’s website and his monumental collection which explains where I’d seen most of these before.

      I do like the idea of a self-made certificate. You are giving me ideas now. I wonder if I knocked one together for playing all of Origin’s games there would be any chance of getting Richard Garriot to sign it…..

  2. Yes, Jocksitter (and to a large extent, Underworld Dragon) were the inspiration for the Origin Museum way back in the day.
    One of the stories I heard is that Richard has done this a few times before for folks, but he always asks them if they ‘swear an oath of honesty’ that they truly have completed the game. You most definitely can show proof of your accomplishments! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Just a suggestion–you should create one in a ‘giant size (11×17) on heavy stock, and include ‘In recognition of completing all the Worlds of Origin’.
    At the very least, sending him a letter would give you the opportunity to let him know how much you enjoyed the games.

    Send me your information (name, email, Skype) –I’d like to ask for your help on a project or two.

    • I’m sure those two were an influence back when I began collecting also, although I can’t honestly remember what got me started. I’m a big fan of adventure games and the death of the genre in the late 90’s may have been what made me begin to look at older games. In theory I’ve only ever bought games I intend to play but it’s grown past the point where I’m ever likely to have enough time to play everything I already own.

      Given my lack of artistic ability, a letter to RG might be more realistic. I have no idea where to send it though. I’ll send you a quick email with some contact details.

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