Ultima Patcher 1.41

I’ve uploaded a new version of the Ultima Patcher. The changes are:-

  • Support for Beautiful Britannia. Due to the size of this patch, you will have to either download it inside the patcher or manually copy the zip into the Files folder (Thanks to Ken at the Ultima Codex for hosting the download).
  • Fixed issue when adding the MT-32 ROM’s where the install/uninstall MT-32 button wouldn’t necessarily appear depending on which game menu you were in.
  • You can now change your Avatar name when using the Ultima 9 dialog patch (Well done to Natreg for spotting that the renaming utility ran in DOS).

That’s everything I can think of so barring any more bugs/tweaks, this should be the last release outside of keeping up with new Ultima mod/patch releases.

9 thoughts on “Ultima Patcher 1.41

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  2. Hi,

    Could you give more infos on how to combine the Ultima Patcher 1.41 with the latest release of the Beautiful Britannia patch? Thanks.

    • You can either click the download button that is on the Ultima 9 form and wait 5-10 mins (more on slow connections), or if you have already downloaded it get the BeautifulBritannia2011R3.zip file and put it in the Files subfolder of the patcher. Don’t extract it first.

      If you go for the latter, the first time you go into the Ultima 9 form it should unzip it and then give you the option to install BB. If none of that works then let me know what it is/isn’t doing and I’ll try to get it fixed.

      • Thanks. As I already had downloaded the Beautiful Britania patch, I just copy the archive into the Files folder of the patcher. And it worked perfectly! Thanks.

  3. Hi… question about the patcher.

    I’ve just recently downloaded it for the first time, and I find the interface quite nice. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be able to recognize my installation directories for Savage Empire, Martian Dreams, UW1 or UW2.

    SE and MD are stand-alone installs from original media, and UW1 and 2 are a part of the “Ultimate RPG Archives” compilation. Any ideas why it might not like these 4 games?

    Works great on all the other games that I have, though… so thanks! 🙂

    • This was only ever intended to work with GOG versions of the games and I’ve not even looked at supporting anything else. I figured anyone who can get DOSBox set up with their own copies probably doesn’t need my help installing patches. Your best bet is to get all the various mods from ultimacodex.com and install them the old fashioned way.

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