Ultima Patcher 1.66

I’ve just uploaded the latest Ultima Patcher, version 1.66. The additions are:-

  • Another fix from Natreg Dragon with a minor tweak to Weblock’s conversation tree in Ultima 5.
  • The latest version of the Ultima 2 upgrade (2.1) from Voyager Dragon. This adds new graphics modes, a couple of fixes and a stat mode selector so you don’t have to count your steps.
  • Also from Voyager Dragon, an alternative Ultima 4 music upgrade with more traditional instruments.

As always, my testing was minimal so let me know if something doesn’t work as expected. The patcher can be downloaded here

13 thoughts on “Ultima Patcher 1.66

    • I need to add a rar mime type after the server move by the looks of it. I’m not going to get that done until the weekend but you should be able to download it by right clicking and using save as file/download link in the meantime.

  1. Don’t know why this is, but the link to the patcher now opens up as a tab with garbled text. works fine if I right click and select “save as” however. tested on pc and android device.

  2. Still can’t download this patch. Any way someone can help me? It won’t open as a .rar file just looks like a bunch of code.

  3. In Ultima III EXODUS, I noticed that when you “start a new game” after you previously played and cleared the data, a ship will appear in a river a few paces east of Yew.. and it is a free ship. was this intentional or was it a bug?

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