Ultima The Second Trilogy Scans

I’ve uploaded scans of the second Ultima Trilogy documentation. Obviously most of this will be familiar from the original manuals but it was repackaged for this game and may be of interest to a select few. Rather than including 3 maps like the fist trilogy, it just includes the one map of Britannia which is paper rather than fabric in this case. The manuals and reference cards are combined into one booklet each with some original artwork. There was a foreign language version of the reference card included with French, German, etc… but I didn’t scan that one.

I’ve also added a section at the bottom of the downloads page with some other scans I’ve done for replacementdocs recently. They aren’t relevant to the blog but I figure I’ll host them here while they are awaiting approval. Since I’ve got the book scanner, I was planning on contributing anything I own that is missing. For now, I’ve just added scans of the documentation for Timegate (a relatively little known follow-up to the Alone In The Dark series by the same team) and the Monkey Island 2 hint book.

The snag with the MI2 book is that you need something red and transparent to look through to be able to read the clues. I had thought that drawing a rectangle with the right opacity in Acrobat would have worked but it doesn’t implement the opacity in any way that relates to the real world. Instead of washing out the red text, it just makes it darker.

Unless it’s something to do with Origin, I probably won’t post on here as I add manuals. I just want them to be available somewhere if I’ve going to go to the trouble of scanning them in.

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