Ultima Underworld Map Stats

Image 0019

This is another envelope’s worth of content from the Ultima Underworld design documents I acquired last month. I can’t profess to knowing much about the process back in the early 90’s, but it appears that design was still being largely done outside of computers by cutting out images and sticking them on top of each other.

This is a group of such bits and pieces used during the design of the paper map included with the game. My personal favourite is the transparencies of all the creatures. Also of particular interest is a fax of an early layout with a larger map of the overall abyss, and only a small section of Level 1 shown in the top right.

Image 0001 Image 0002 Image 0003 Image 0004 Image 0005Image 0006 Image 0007 Image 0008Image 0009 Image 0010 Image 0011 Image 0012Image 0013 Image 0014 Image 0015Image 0017 Image 0018

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