Wing Commander 4 on GOG!

After what seems an interminable wait, GOG finally released Wing Commander 4 today at the giveaway price of $5.99. As if this wasn’t enough the release is packed with extras and is even the DVD version. They don’t appear to have been credited but I should mention that this package was put together by some of the people at WCNews who really deserve the plaudits for getting this up and running on a modern system.

Speaking of WCNews, they have a stack of Wing Commander 4 updates which appeared within minutes of the release. Anyone would think they had been waiting for this release. I on the other hand have nothing ready to go but what I lack in preparation I make up for with shelves full of old magazines. I have an hour to kill and a scanner warmed up and ready to go so I’ll see how many Wing Commander 4 reviews/previews I can get through.

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