Wing Commander Secret Missions (SNES) – Part 3

A couple of hours after the last post, I’ve finished playing through Secret Missions on rookie level. The difficulty level was reduced a little too much if anything as there was no challenge whatsoever. Most ships died in one or two hits and I played straight through every mission not only without getting killed, but I never even sustained any ship damage. I assume this mode was aimed at kids but it’s a serious step up to Ace mode and a third mode somewhere inbetween might have been an idea.

Quickly blasting through the game again was entertaining enough anyway and I get to see the alternative ending which raised a smile. Since he was beaten by a rookie pilot the Grand Admiral has to live with the shame and I don’t get to see him zapped.

I’m still in the mood for more so I think I’ll carry on with the Wing Commander games and have a look at Prophecy on the Gameboy Advance next.

3 thoughts on “Wing Commander Secret Missions (SNES) – Part 3

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  2. Heh, you actually have a screenshot of a bit of censorship–Colonel Halcyon saying “darn right” instead of “damn right” at the end of the game. There are dozens of little things like that… the funniest bigger ones I can remember are Shotglass explaining that the Rostov Hairball is a new kind of sundae (and generally offering “snacks” instead of drinks) and then the Scimitar squdron becoming “Blue Angels” instead of “Blue Devils.”

    I THINK the “try again as an ace pilot” bit might be caused by the emulator; it’s an oddly buggy game when emulated and I’m not sure why (you can see in another of your screenshots where its projecting the Mindscape logo over the curtains instead of in back of them.)That extends to the emulated PSP version, too, which has a bit of text ‘stuck’ in the cockpit in every mission… just SM, though, WC seems fine.

    • So you aren’t allowed to say damn but the reward for completing the game in hard mode is to see someone vaporised. There must be a moral lesson here somewhere.

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