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This post is going to be almost entirely off topic as I was asked a few days back for any more scans I had on the X-Wing series and I thought I ought to share them on here while I was at it. I didn’t need too much incentive to look up info on some of my favourite games although the offer of a donation towards the collection didn’t hurt. I’ve already spent the money appropriately which was never going to be a problem. Half went on a copy of Man On A Mission which incidentally is available to international buyers at about $10 less than Amazon.com at DVD Pacific, and with cheaper postage. They are also selling Wing Commander Academy at a better price so I swapped my pre-order for that while I was at it. The other half of the money went on a copy of A Mind Forever Voyaging which is one of those classics that I’ve wanted for years but it’s rare to see it at a decent price.

Onto the scans anyway. I’ve not read most of these myself yet so it’s just going to be a long list of where I got them from. They are in the order I scanned them which is more or less newest to oldest starting with a Star Wars games supertest from the September 1999 PC Zone:-

Image 0001 Image 0002 Image 0003    Image 0004Image 0005 Image 0006 Image 0007 Image 0008

A review of X-Wing Collector Series from the February 1999 PC Zone:-

Image 0009

This is an interview with Larry Holland from the April 1999 PC Format:-

Image 0010 Image 0011 Image 0012 Image 0013

A review of X-Wing Alliance from the May 1999 PC Gamer:-

Image 0014 Image 0015 Image 0016 Image 0017Image 0018 Image 0019 Image 0020

This is a 2 page ad + review for X-Wing Alliance from the May 1999 PC Gaming World:-

Image 0021 Image 0022 Image 0023 Image 0024

A review of X-Wing Alliance from the June 1999 PC Zone:-

Image 0025 Image 0026

This is taken from the top 100 games of all time article in the June 1999 PC Gamer:-

Image 0027

Another review of X-Wing Alliance from the June 1999 PC Guide:-

Image 0028Image 0029

And one more from the June 1999 PC Home:-

Image 0030 Image 0031

Yet another from the June 1999 PC Format:-

Image 0032 Image 0033 Image 0034 Image 0035

A review of the combined X-Wing and Tie Fighter collections released on the White Label from the August 1998 PC Zone:-

Image 0036

A preview of X-Wing Alliance from the December 1998 PC Zone:-

Image 0037 Image 0038

A review of X-Wing Vs Tie Fighter – Balance Of Power from the February 1998 PC Gamer:-

Image 0039 Image 0040 Image 0041

And another from the March 1998 PC Zone:-

Image 0042

This is taken from the 100 best games article from the July 1998 PC Gamer:-

Image 0043

A preview of Balance Of Power from the January 1998 PC Gamer:-

Image 0044 Image 0045

An X-Wing Vs. Tie Figher review from the June 1997 PC Zone:-

Image 0046 Image 0047 Image 0048

An interview with Lucasarts president Jack Sorensen from the August 1997 PC Zone:-

Image 0049 Image 0050 Image 0051

An allegedly exclusive first look at some X-Wing Vs. Tie Fighter screenshots from the February 1997 PC Zone. There are some interesting early Ultima 9 screenshots on this same page:-

Image 0052

Another preview from the May 1997 PC Format:-

Image 0053

An X-Wing Vs Tie Fighter review from the May 1997 PC Gamer + an interview with Larry Holland:-

Image 0054 Image 0055 Image 0056 Image 0057Image 0058 Image 0059 Image 0060 Image 0061Image 0062

Another review from the June 1997 PC Home:-

Image 0063 Image 0064

One more from the June 1997 PC Format:-

Image 0065 Image 0066 Image 0067 Image 0068

These are from the top 100 games article in the June 1996 PC Gamer:-

Image 0069 Image 0070

Another allegedly exclusive first look at X-Wing Vs. Tie Fighter, this time from the July 1996 PC Gamer:-

Image 0071 Image 0072 Image 0073 Image 0074Image 0075 Image 0076 Image 0077 Image 0078Image 0079 Image 0080 Image 0081

A review of Tie Fighter from PC Power Platinum Volume 1:-

Image 0082

A review of Tie Fighter Collectors Edition from the January 1996 PC Gamer:-

Image 0083

A review of X-Wing Collectors CD-ROM from the January 1995 PC Format:-

Image 0084

A review of Tie Fighter – Defender Of The Empire from the March 1995 PC Zone:-

Image 0085

A tiny review of the X-Wing triple pack from the April 1995 PC Review, which caught my attention because I wasn’t aware that there had ever been a floppy X-Wing collection:-

Image 0086

Another Defender Of The Empire review from the April 1995 PC Format:-

Image 0087

A B-Wing review from the March 1994 PC Format:-

Image 0088

A Tie Fighter review from the October 1994 PC Games:-

Image 0089 Image 0090 Image 0091 Image 0092

Another B-Wing review from the February 1994 PC Zone:-

Image 0093

An Imperial Pursuit review from the September 1993 PC Format:-

Image 0094

And another from the October 1993 PC Zone:-

Image 0095

Nearly done with a Tie Fighter review from the September 1994 PC Format:-

Image 0096 Image 0097 Image 0098

This is a pull out from the November 1994 PC Format with 32 pages of Lucasarts interviews and reviews:-

Image 0099 Image 0100 Image 0101 Image 0103 Image 0104 Image 0105 Image 0106 Image 0107 Image 0108 Image 0109 Image 0110 Image 0111 Image 0112 Image 0113 Image 0114 Image 0115 Image 0116 Image 0117 Image 0118 Image 0119 Image 0120 Image 0121 Image 0122 Image 0123 Image 0124 Image 0125 Image 0126 Image 0127 Image 0128 Image 0129 Image 0130 Image 0131

And to finish off a Tie Fighter review from the September 1994 Edge:-

EDGE 012 - September 1994_Page_068 EDGE 012 - September 1994_Page_069 EDGE 012 - September 1994_Page_070

I no doubt missed some articles along the way but hopefully that should be enough to satiate anyones thirst for articles about X-Wing games. I’ll get all these magazines back where they belong and return to Origin games tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “X-Wing Series Magazine Scans

  1. Very nice !

    Since you’re in the space combat simus series you could post some tests of the Freespace franchise, thx !

    • I have them sat on a shelf but I’ve not managed to play the Freespace games yet. I really should get around to it one of these days.

      Don’t expect the full works as the guy that asked for these X-Wing scans was bribing me with cash but I’ll try to dig a couple of reviews out next week.

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