PC Zone Issue 58 (Xmas 1997)

After a long break, I’m resuming my project to archive PC Zone. This has been going on for some years but has a long way left to go. The aim is to do at least one issue a week from here on out, working my way backwards from the block I’ve already done. This ought to be easily achievable and if I do manage to keep it up for the rest of the year I’ll have filled in all the gaps back to the start before 2019. I am still missing some issues however and all the floppy cover disks. If anyone wants to help out in any way please drop me a line. I’m especially interested in the early issues of which I’m missing a good number.

The next on the list was Xmas 1997:-


This is a bumper size issue including reviews of such classics as Grand Theft Auto, Curse Of Monkey Island and Blade Runner. I’ve also archived the cover CD and as ever all of these can be found with all the other scans at http://www.pixsoriginadventures.co.uk/PCZone

There isn’t much Origin content in this issue but there is a cool 3 page ad for Wing Commander Prophecy and also a full page ad for Netstorm which was developed by ex-Origin staff.

3 thoughts on “PC Zone Issue 58 (Xmas 1997)

  1. Great that you’re back at it! Does “next on the list” mean that you don’t have more from 1995-96?
    I was hoping to see the Fade to Black review (Issue 31) eventually, as PCZ were among those who scored it the highest. I recall a 95%-ish review from back then, but it wasn’t PCZ. I remember a mostly grey cover, with F2B featured, but I don’t think it was a game-centered magazine. Anyway, would love to read the PCZ take, as I’m one of the few, apparantly, who would still agree with that score. 🙂

    • No, I’m working backwards for reasons that I can’t actually recall any more. I probably have issue 31 – I definitely have magazines with Fade To Black in but can’t recall 100% whether that was one of them.

      I don’t think Fade To Black is as bad as everyone else reckons either but I wouldn’t say it was a classic either. The constant death animations and reloading got a bit much at times. It was in the PC Gamer Top 100 for years so you aren’t on your own.

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