Ultima Patcher 1.65

The updates for the Ultima Patcher are coming thick and fast this year. This latest one adds some tweaks from Natreg Dragon to Ultima 4, 7 & Serpent Isle. The most major of these is an EGA downgrade patch for the VGA upgrade. While this might initially sound counterproductive, it can be used to play the game with the original graphics but with the added enhancements the VGA patch offers such as music. The previous music only patch had major issues with low CPU cycles in DOSBox and I’ve dropped this from the patcher.

The tweaks to Ultima 7 and Serpent Isle are more minor and are detailed at https://www.facebook.com/groups/UltimaDragons/permalink/10156908034553797/. This patch will fix the ability to fish in both games and the Eiko/Amanda/Iskander is also fixed in Ultima 7. I’ve also added the earthquake fix to Serpent Isle.

The latest version can be downloaded here. Beyond checking that the patches apply, I’ve not done any testing of these so please let me know if I’ve missed anything.

10 thoughts on “Ultima Patcher 1.65

  1. Thanks for adding my patches to your program Pix 🙂

    I’ll keep you informed if I do anymore bugfixes.

  2. Wow. thanks a lot Natreg and Pix.
    The downgrade patch for U4 (original graphics with music) was something I always wanted.

  3. Checking your patch today, I was thinking that maybe you should maintain the original music patch for u4 in there. I don’t know if many people would do this, but I remember playing on my 486 with that patch as well as the alternate EGA patch at the same time, so it still has it’s uses, even though it will still have the CPU issues in dosbox.

    I don’t remember having any CPU problems on a 486 back in the day.

    The only problem I see with u4 now is that the shake effect on the ending and tremmor spell seems to not be working on the VGA version, and it doesn’t work correctly on a unpatched version either having the same issue as U7 does (screen shaking is too fast). However, u7fx doesn’t work for u4 since it uses a different subroutine. u7 shakes all the screen whereas u4 only shakes the gameplay window.

    • That patch was fairly horrible in DOSBox so I’m reluctant to put it back but I agree it would be nice to have the option. How hard would it be to convert the alternative EGA set to VGA in the same way as you did with the original set?

      • In theory is as easy as extracting the ega files to png using the tools from xu4, then opening them on gimp, transform them to RGB, and then to indexed using the palette of the VGA version. And finally saving them without compression.

        Then, using the same tools you can tranform them back into the .EGA files.

        The main problem is the codex image, which I’m not sure if the alternate ega tiles modifies or not.

        If they do change them, all the intersections of the graphics must be changed since it uses a XOR to recreate the codex image instead of the original OR that was used on the original version.

  4. Hi Pix! Just wanted to send you a heads-up that I’ve updated the U2 Upgrade to v2.0.

    Also, I have an add-on for the U4 Upgrade that has two things:
    * my own alternative arrangement of music
    * a fix that will allow the endgame music to play & stop endgame crashes


    • Thanks, it won’t be this week but I’ll take a look when I get the chance. I’ve got another of Natreg’s patches I should have rolled in weeks back so I’ll get them all done at the same time.

      • Hey Pix, just FYI that I bumped U2 to v2.1 whenever you happen to get to it. This one should stay current for longer (taking a month away from the project) as I have some other business to take care of. Thanks again!

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