Ultima Patcher 1.66

I’ve just uploaded the latest Ultima Patcher, version 1.66. The additions are:-

  • Another fix from Natreg Dragon with a minor tweak to Weblock’s conversation tree in Ultima 5.
  • The latest version of the Ultima 2 upgrade (2.1) from Voyager Dragon. This adds new graphics modes, a couple of fixes and a stat mode selector so you don’t have to count your steps.
  • Also from Voyager Dragon, an alternative Ultima 4 music upgrade with more traditional instruments.

As always, my testing was minimal so let me know if something doesn’t work as expected. The patcher can be downloaded here

7 thoughts on “Ultima Patcher 1.66

  1. Nice to have this updated Pix and you even included the latest patch from Voyager Dragon 🙂

    The description is a bit off though, the patch is for Ultima 5, not Ultima 4. I checked the program and it’s correct on it, just not on this post :).

  2. Are all these patches working for the GOG versions of Ultima? I tried to install patches for the Ultima 4 last times, but failed. It worked well for Ultima 3 so far.

    • Yes, they are intended for the GOG versions. I’ve just tried the VGA patch for Ultima 4 and it’s working OK for me. There are two different GOG versions of Ultima 4 (the free one and the one in the second trilogy) which both get installed to different folders. Maybe you have both and are installing the patches to the wrong one?

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