Day 7

Out at the west end of the world is a large chasm, if you get down to the bottom and travel along it, theres a cave with a dead ranger in it. He’s got an animal trap and an arrow in there with him which I pilfer.

In the forest, at the start of the game, there was a rock with a load of animal marks round it. I take my trap there and set it up, then wander off for a bit. When I get back I’ve caught a wild boar.

Out to the NW was a chained up starving manticore, which I figure needs the food so I go give him the boar and he lets me past on the bridge (note that I don’t actually release him). There is a desert with a giant rock nest in the middle. I take some feathers from here and then head back out of the desert. This brings me to a set of mountains which Gorn tells me are climbable. I can take a hint so I climb them. Cue arcade game…


This is a fairly awful little subgame where I have to move my little man to the top right of the screen while avoiding falling rocks and snakes. Since I’m playing this on an emulator and can save at any time, this is easy enough. After the arcade games, the emulator will crash for some reason but thankfully you get time to save beforehand. When I restored it was working ok again.

At the top of the cave is a spider in a bubble. By saying the strange words from before, its replaced by another orb which I touch with my ring again and it loses its power.  Its now back to the middle of the map and I head off southwest and find a ferry.

Unfortunately, the rope for it has been stolen. I tie the rope to my arrow, shoot it across and its good as new. On the other side of the river is a load of quicksand which I ignore and also a giant falcons head house. Against my better judgement, I climb in through in the mouth.

There is a guy inside who makes me some wings from the feathers but says we don’t look like we will fly too well so only to use it where there is an updraft. There is a firey chasm at the north end of the map so I head straight there and fly off the edge. Cue another even worse arcade game…

This game plays a bit like lander. I have to get to the little pad while avoiding fireballs and arrows on the way down. This would have been quite difficult without savestates but isn’t too hard with them.

At the bottom is a fiery snake. This looks like another time to use the three words and sure enough it turns into an orb and I power it down. That turns out to be the last orb. When I head to Lisa’s fortress, I can walk through the forcefield and straight in the front door. As soon a I enter I fall down into hell (aka a maze).

I really hate mazes in adventure games yet they seem to be almost obligatory. This one is made worse by having to wait for loading every time I make a move. Thankfully the walkthrough gets me through it so I’m saved the tedious process of mapping it out.

At the end of the fortress is Lisa herself. I approach her, the two rings both vanish, she doesn’t want to steal my water any more and better still she’s no longer green.

Gorn gets the girl and I get sent back to Earth. Ah well, who needs women when I’ve got 50 origin games to play through? Overall this wasn’t a bad game for its time, but if you are looking for a text adventure there are plenty of better ones out there.

Next up: Caverns of Callisto.

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