2400 AD – IBM PC Press Release

This is a press release for the PC version of 2400 AD dated September 16, 1988. As far as I know, this was the only port the game ever received from the Apple II original which is something of a shame as I quite enjoyed playing it and wouldn’t mind having an enhanced Amiga version to try out.

2400 AD PC - Press Release (Front) 2400 AD PC - Press Release (Back)

As an added extra, I’ve played through Legend of Grimrock this weekend and thought I’d give a quick opinion. I’ve heard numerous times that it’s supposed to be influenced by Ultima Underworld which would have warranted a full review if it were true. Instead it’s unashamedly a Dungeon Master clone, with near enough every aspect (other than the automap) being almost straight from that game.

This is my single biggest problem with Legend Of Grimrock. Yes the graphics are quite nice but the gameplay is firmly rooted in 1987. Dungeon Master was regarded as something of a relic on the PC when it finally saw the light of day in 1992 having already being surpassed by games like Eye Of The Beholder 2 and Ultima Underworld. Legend Of Grimrock is so faithful to its roots that I’m not so sure that the same thing doesn’t apply to it as well, fancy graphics or not. There are plenty of dungeon crawlers that have more to them than this, many of which are available on GOG at 1/3 of the price such as Stonekeep, Might and Magic 4/5 and Lands Of Lore. I can’t help but think that anyone who hasn’t already would be better off playing one of those first.

If you’ve played all of those already, or can’t get over 90’s graphics there is plenty of fun to be had with LoG though. The difficulty level throughout was well judged with a reasonable challenge but rarely anything that would hold me up too long. Above all, it has been a long time since I’ve played a new dungeon crawler which is a genre I always liked. LoG certainly had me hooked for the 8 hours or so it took to play to the end, and is a well put together if uninspired game. I came away a little disappointed but I can’t say I was ever a massive fan of Dungeon Master which is arguably key to how much you are going to like LoG.

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  1. Dungeon Master is the pinnacle of Psuedo 3d step movement Dungeon Crawlers – far surpassing games that came after it like the Eye of the Beholder games – which may look similar but have very different and shallower gameplay mechanics.

    • I clearly don’t share that opinion but I know plenty of other people would agree with you. I found Dungeon master was too dry an experience for my taste but my view is no doubt shaped by playing all those other games first. It must be over 15 years since I played it and my opinion may have changed, I ought to go back and give it another look some time.

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