Back Again…..

It’s been another long break, while I’ve been distracted with other things. In all honesty, I think this blog is nearly dead as I don’t have much motivation to continue with it. At this rate, I’ll never play Lazarus and if I’m entirely honest I think the reason is that I don’t want the time and effort of writing up such a large and complex game.

So rather than letting this drift indefinitely, I’m going to reduce my aims for the remainder of this blog so that I can at least wrap it up neatly. I’ve still got the option of coming back and doing a few more games at a later date if I want. So I’m now looking to play Longbow 2, Super Wing Commander and I’ll also take a look at the Origin FX Screen Saver which I finally picked up recently. The game I’m starting next is none of these, however. I’ve played most Looking Glass games now so I thought I’d finish them off. I’ll give Flight Unlimited a miss and instead play the final one remaining which is Terra Nova. This is advertised as having Wing Commander 3/4 style production values which sounds right up my street although it’s only on the one CD so there can’t be all that much FMV. I’ll start on that over the weekend with a post on Monday by the latest.

My collection of Origin software is nearly complete now, having picked up Origin FX and also Super Wing Commander recently. Caverns of Callisto still eludes me,  I’m keen on trying out Super Wing Commander and owning the original game gives me the option of picking up a real 3DO to play it on if all else fails. They go for about £30 apparently which isn’t going to break the bank. For anyone curious about what the collection looks like these days, I was advised to document it all for insurance reasons. I figured the easiest way to do that was to do a quick video on my phone which I thought I may as well share via youtube (which also means I can’t lose it). It’s less than exciting but for anyone curious here is the collection as it stands these days:-

6 thoughts on “Back Again…..

    • Hey Natreg,

      There are guys on youtube with collections that make mine look tiny. Having all those Origin games and never having played lots of them was one of the reasons I ended up doing this blog as I don’t buy games just to stick them on a shelf. You can see why I’m easily distracted from the blog anyway with that lot to be going on with.

      Thanks for the youtube sub. I’m not that active on there – just the occasional longplay, usually of some obscure game that I remember playing from years back. I might try a few reviews eventually.

  1. About reviews, why instead of bloggin the entire Lazarus don’t you just do a review of it? I think it would be better and you’ll probably enjoy the game more that way. Assuming that you are gonna play it in the end of course.

    You say you are not active on youtube, but you already have way more videos (and subscribers) than I 😀

    • I’d more or less decided that I’d write a review but I’m not sure when that’s going to be so I wasn’t going to commit to it. I’ve got a stack of other RPG’s I’ve yet to play which are taking precedence at the moment but I’m much more likely to get around to Lazarus if I’m not writing up the whole thing. I only just started Mass Effect last week after I finished Terra Nova although having spent half the weekend on it I’m guessing I’m not that far from the end already.

  2. I did start mass effect some time ago myself, but for me it got a bit boring. I tend to do everything there is to do in a game, and sadly the planets have not much variation 🙂

    Also, I know Mass Effect was developed before Dragon Age, but some plot elements seemed exactly the same.

    Anyway, maybe I’ll give it a try someday, maybe when they release all 3 games together or something like that

    • I’d have been bored to death if I’d tried to complete some of those item collecting missions. I did most of the quest missions I found but I was only worried about sticking to the main story. I’ve not played DA yet so I don’t know about its plot but there wasn’t much original in any aspect of Mass Effect as far as I can see. If you got any distance into the game, you’ve probably seen all it has to offer. There is just more of the same later on and it does get a bit old.

      I’ve heard that Bioware recycle plot and gameplay with every game but this was the first of theirs that I’ve actually played so I can’t compare. I’ve got most of the others lined up so I won’t think about buying ME2 until it’s really cheap.

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