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Ultima 4 on the NES will have to wait for now as my Trio64V+ card arrived earlier than expected and despite the warnings in my motherboard manual it appears to work perfectly. It’s cured the problems I was having getting 3D to work in some games on the VFX-1 meaning that I can actually play System Shock in 3D. Being able to walk round a VR Citadel Station is truly glorious although still not without issues which I’ll get to another time. I’d already started playing Terra Nova with the old graphics card so I’ll get back to that first.

While that has my attention, here is a surprisingly critical review of Bioforge from the June 1995 Edge magazine:-

EDGE 021 - June 1995_Page_078 EDGE 021 - June 1995_Page_079

3 thoughts on “Bioforge Review – Edge

  1. I am curious, how different is gameplay using that VFX-1 when playing System Shock? I never got into VR back in the day, and I wonder what I missed.

    • I’ve not done much more than start it up so far as I’m still playing Terra Nova. I’ll be doing a full System Shock playthrough and write-up on here after that. From the little I saw, it breaks the interface to a large extent so it’s far from perfect but with the 3D effect it’s probably worth the extra effort.

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