Caverns Of Callisto Scans

I’ve kept at least one reader waiting for 8 months for these but I’ve finally added scans of the Caverns Of Callisto documentation on here. Since these are probably going to be the only scans out on the web in the forseeable future, I’ve done my best to keep the quality as high as possible:-

Caverns Of Callisto Disk Caverns Of Callisto Manual

Caverns Of Callisto Map

There isn’t a whole lot to the documentation but I do like the hand crafted nature of the manuals in ancient games like this. I also love how the page of storyline attempts to explain every aspect of the gameplay and all things considered it doesn’t do a bad job of it.

One thought on “Caverns Of Callisto Scans

  1. Thanks a lot Pix 😀

    I also love the storyline page. That’s something I miss in games from nowdays. Sometimes they have something explaining the story, but it adds nothing new to the game. The good thing about old manuals is that they add a lot to the game.

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