Challenge Personal Computer AVG & RPG 2 (Includes Ultima 3 Guide)

This wasn’t the planned post for today but I’ve been forced to improvise. In what we misleadingly call a British Summer, my cellar was flooded a couple of weeks back which meant my electric meter ended up submerged. Apart from the display on the meter not working, this hadn’t been causing me any problems until yesterday when the guys replacing the cut-out did half a job and then buggered off leaving me without any power. Aside from not being able to scan anything, I’ve entirely missed out on some “virtuous things” I could have been doing last night, which I’m more than a little peeved about.


Since I’m now left sat around all day with no power waiting for someone to turn up and fit a new meter, I may as well do something with the time before my phone battery runs out. So to finally get on topic, Natreg was kind enough to send me a scan of a Japanese hint book last week. I’ve no idea of the source but among plenty of other games it includes a guide to Ultima 3, which more than warrants it a place on here. It covers one of the computer versions rather than the Famicom.

It’s not as colourful as the standalone guides although it does have one unusual feature in the form of sheet music for some of the games in a section near the back. This doesn’t include Ultima 3 I’m sorry to say. If it had you would have been suffering my attempts to play it on the guitar at this point.

I’ve put the scans into a pdf which can be downloaded here.

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