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The clothing theme of the week continues with yet another T-Shirt. ChickenBoy Productions was a division of Origin that created all of the electronic catalogues that would appear on many of their CD releases as well as popping up on magazine CD’s. These catalogues were very much a product of their time and were replaced by regular web pages on the Internet within a matter of years but were a great way to generate some publicity with the new CD-ROM format allowing full size screenshots and the like. Where the name ChickenBoy comes from I have no idea but I’m sure someone can tell me. Like near enough every team in Origin, they got their own T-Shirt which looked like this:-

ChickenBoy T-Shirt

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  1. Asked around for you, Pix. This answer to your question comes from Galen Svanas, from Chicken Boy Productions:
    “The short story is: Craig Miller headed Creative Services and I was in Marketing at Origin when the Web and CDs were just coming around (early 90’s). We sort of took the initiative with producing interactive marketing materials. At the time, all of the game groups in Origin had their own names: Skunkworks, Maverick, etc., so Craig and I thought we needed a name for our own little group of two.
    Craig had a book of turn of the century clip art, and in it, was a horrifoc picture of a half-chicken, half-boy chasing a bug. I think it was some sort of political cartoon. In any case, when I first saw it, my reaction was “Why in hell would they ever put that in a clip art book? What possible use could there ever be for such a disturbing image?” Voila! Chicken Boy became our mascot and the brand took on a life of its own. When we left Origin and started our own interactive marketing agency, we paid it homage by calling our company CBP Communications. As Paul Harvey would say: “Now, you know the rest of the story.”

    • Awesome, thanks very much. That must have been one strange piece of clip art.

      US radio references are clearly wasted on me. I had no idea who Paul Harvey was without looking him up on Wikipedia.

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