Cybermage poster

This is another random item from the collection, a double-sided poster for Cybermage. It’s small in stature being around A3 size, but big on hyperbole proudly proclaiming “Better than Underworld II, better than System Shock, way way better than Doom.” That would be a bold statement for any game but to be fair it’s a magazine quote saving Origin from any false marketing claims. The Strategy Plus reviewer must have truly loved this game.

Cybermage poster - front

I was curious to know what the UK press thought of it at the time but in all those shelves of PC games magazines, I haven’t been able to locate a single review. The game looks to have been largely ignored over here, although it did get a PC Zone preview in December 1995. Some of the American press must have liked it as there are more glowing snippets from other magazines on the back:-

Cybermage poster - back

This isn’t the most decorative of posters although those SVGA screenshots would have been a whole lot more impressive in 1995. I have a small pile of these in a drawer so if anyone fancies owning one for the price of postage & packing, let me know.

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