Day 152

I’ve spent a good while on System Shock this afternoon and will write it all up later on.

I’m posting this now as I’ve got as far as attempting to jettison the groves on level 6 after also playing through levels 4 & 5. It’s all done except I’ve run into a bug where nothing happens when I try to use the jettison master control switch. I’ve flipped the 3 switches in the 3 groves and from what I gather from reading a walkthrough I’m supposed to get a message to send me back down to level 3 to fix a circuit. In short, I think I’ve run into another game-breaking bug.

I’m around 2/3 through the game and I really don’t want to have to replay the whole thing up to this point again. Does anyone have any ideas or a savegame from around or before this point?

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  1. well… that’s weird…

    Have you destroyed the computer nodes on that level?

    Even though you don’t get the message, have you try to go to level 3 and see if the plot continues?

    I don’t remember that part very well, but I think you have to go to the southeast part where the nodes used to be, and there will be a log there. Either that, or go to the northwerst part of level 3 and use some lever that is there to tell you which relay you have to find.

    Also, you didn’t change the difficulty at the beggining right? if you play in a easy mode, you don’t have to repair anything.

    Also make sure you have used the switches on all three groves, I think you have some hardware or software that tells you the state of the groves (not sure if it informs about that).

    About savegames… I don’t think I have any at that point, but I could chek out (maybe I got one from level 3 before doing level 4 and 5… at least you won’t have to do the laser thing again…)

  2. I’ve got the security down to 0%. I’ve been to level 3 and all the doors are still locked. The difficulty is all at default and I’ve definitely used the switches in all 3 groves. I’ve also found a relay analyser in level 3 which I can use a code on and it tells me the relays are working correctly.

    I tried using the master switch before I’d done all the groves although I didn’t expect that would cause a problem at the time. I’m guessing that is what has caused this.

    A savegame from level 3 would be good if you have one. It definitely beats starting from the beginning. I could probably rush through all todays levels in a couple of hours from that point. The oldest savegame I’ve got is from Beta Grove and it already has this bug.

  3. I think I got one from level 6.

    It seems that I had that savegame because the name of the save was a code I wanted to remember lol

    so you are lucky.

    if you give me an email or something I could send the save to you

  4. Oh well, forget about the mail thing

    I have uploaded it to rapidshare:

    The save is at the beggining of the executive level. I think one of the groves has already been activated (check the statuds hardware to know which one it is).

    Besides that, the only thing is that the players name is David, but anyway you are not gonna see it anywhere besides a few notes from cyberspace.

    • Thanks a bunch – you’ve saved me hours of replaying. I’ll give a go now and see if I can get back to where I was before I call it a day.

  5. oh btw, the cyberspace station from the executive level should have 2 things I haven’t picked yet. There are 2 ways on that cyberspace terminal and I think there was 2 protected datafiles that you have to use the drill, but they kept killing me and I got them latter. Besides that, all levels previous to this one should be completed (except the reactor level), with 0% security and most if not all secret doors open (also except the mutants room from level 2 that opens after the groves part of the game).

    good luck on your play. Try not to get any more of these bugs. You really are having very bad luck with the origin games lol.

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