Day 18

In the end I managed another 1 1/2 hours last night when I really should have been doing something else. I’m definitely hooked. I’ve got three of the the remaining six stones and cleared those three dungeons out of gems while I was at it. I’m unsure if the stats carry through for all the characters or just me into Ultima 5. On the off chance they all carry over, I’m concentrating on maxing out the stats of all the main Ultima 5 party members  before I move onto everyone else. Katrina is basically useless so I’ll just let her be killed off.


The dungeons really are easy. I’m still ignoring my mystic weapons – maybe they will be useful in the abyss but I’m far better off with range weapons at the moment. On the eighth level of each dungeon are one or more altar rooms. When I have all the appropriate stones, I’ll need to use them on all 3 altars to get the 3 parts of a key I’ll need for the abyss. The altar rooms link 4 dungeons so you can also use them as a shortcut straight to level eight of those dungeons.


I’m still a party member short but I can’t get the last member until I’m level 8. I’ll have gained a lot of experience clearing out these 3 dungeons so I’ll pop back to see LB tonight and see if he will level me up. When I finally do get Jaana to join I assume she will only be level 2 so I’d like to get her some experience before I tackle the abyss.

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