Day 54

Now, I’ve got the clues I’m going to follow them all down 1 by 1. The first apparently went off to kill a daemon in the dry lands. This has the be Sin Vrall, the friendly demon from the last game and sure enough I ask him about a pirate and he says he got dragged off by the ants.

I’ve seen a few giant ants in the desert – a lot of walking and I come across a hole which leads into a four level ant nest. This place is truly huge and not surprisingly full of ants. The ants really aren’t very tough though – its a lot easier than Destard.

When I eventually get to the bottom of the dungeon, I find Hawkins body with the map piece on it.

The next piece looks to be in the Dungeon Shame. I walk around attempting to find this dungeon. I know I’m off course when I see a sign for Iolos Hut. Smith is still there giving me clues about the last game.

I do find another dungeon on my travels (the cyclops cave). Apart from cyclops there isn’t much here apart from food and powder kegs on the bottom floor. I grab a few kegs and all the food and leave.

I do eventually find Shame. The problem was I needed a skiff to get there so I could row down between some mountains. The dungeon is pretty easy apart from the poison everywhere which I’ve no means of curing yet. I just about make it down to the bottom floor and run into the pirate who gives me his bit of the map, but refuses to come with me and dies on the spot.

Thats 3 out of 9. Getting these map pieces is proving to be a big job but I’m collecting quite a bit of money and equipment on my way through. I’m a bit fed up of getting poisoned – I think I’ll go in search of some swamp boots next so I don’t have this problem.

I’m really enjoying these quests for the map pieces. It feels like the game started properly after the shrine quests were completed.

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