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I’ve always been a fan of Warren Spector’s games so it was something of a surprise that when I came to play the game usually held up as his masterpiece for this blog, I didn’t like it all that much. The main reasons were the dialog and voice acting which stopped me from being able to take a deadly serious game, at all seriously.

I had played it already back when it came out, and I certainly enjoyed it more back then. I suppose it must reflect my tastes changing as I get older, which isn’t a pleasant thought. Perhaps, it’s simply the case that other games have offered similar but improved experiences since and I went in with my expectations too high. Either way, I’m clearly in a tiny minority with my opinions and there is still plenty to like in Deus Ex.

I didn’t exactly explore the game thoroughly on my playthrough which left me interested to have a look at this guide and see all the things I missed. It was published in 2002 by Prima and is actually for the PS2 version of the game, although there is little (if any) difference to the PC game if this guide is anything to go by.

It starts with advice on how to develop your character including descriptions of all the various upgrades in the game. There are then lists of all the weapons and opponents followed by a brief section with various general advice on combat and other aspects of gameplay. The tips on character advancement are the most useful section but it’s all decent advice.

The last 2/3’s of the book are taken up with a walkthrough of the game. This does mention all the various options you can take, although it tends to only go through one route in-depth. This walkthrough is very pictorial with 100’s of screenshots throughout. It’s not that dissimilar to reading some of my own posts in that sense. Because of all those pictures, there isn’t all that much description and the plot of the game is barely mentioned. It’s strictly about the actions that you need to take.

This means there isn’t really anything in the way of plot spoilers, but I’d like to have seen all the differences in the story described in full. The 3 endings are mentioned but you are clearly expected to play the game to find out what happens when you try different things. There is a 3 page section on the story of Deus Ex at the end however, which doesn’t deal with events in the game but does give the history of events before the game starts. The story isn’t especially plausible when you see it all written down like this but it’s certainly got more depth to it than your average game.

The guide suffers some of the same issues that the Thief guide did but to a far lesser extent. I might have expected a list of all the experience bonuses, more detailed maps and where to find equipment. Most of the information you actually need is probably in the walkthrough though and it does pack a lot into a fairly small number of pages.

As usual I’ve scanned and uploaded this. I’ve also been scanning other guides in the meanwhile, and have added pdf’s for a Curse Of Monkey Island, Magic Carpet 1 & 2 and the Pandora Directive since the last post. I know at least one person is waiting for it, so I’ll probably have a look at the System Shock 2 guide next.

10 thoughts on “Deus Ex – Official Guide

  1. You already offer an embarrassment of riches that has been helping me out with Wing Commander stuff on a daily basis at this point, so I feel bad even asking, but I was wondering if you had any plans to scan “False Colors”. It’s the one Wing Commander novel that hasn’t made it into ebook form yet…

    (But, err, while I’m at it: THANK YOU SO MUCH. Your scan of the Confederation Handbook changed my life.)

    • It’s on the pile to scan but I had it near the bottom, along with the junior version of the Wing Commander movie novel. The novels are a pain to do since the print is always too near the spine. This means the quality won’t be great either (see any of the Ultima novels). I definitely wasn’t going to convert it to a proper ebook, just the usual pdf of images. The last time I tried sorting out OCR’ed text, I decided it would be as fast to type the whole thing in from scratch.

      I’m rapidly running out of books so you wouldn’t have had too long a wait but since it’s you, I’ll move it up the list if you like.

      • That’s great! Thank you! (If you scan it like the Ultima books then I’ll OCR/edit it into an ebook… it’s just the initial scanning that eludes me with the novels.)

        IIRC the junior novelization is just the adult one with various scenes cut out. No rush about that one.

        I’m kind of curious about the device you’re using to do all this, too–it sounds like it would be really useful for the kind of design document scanning I find myself doing. (And I have a mess of foreign Wing Commander booklets I’d love to digitize without cutting up.)

        Can I help you with anything? Tracking down some Origin oddity?

        • I’ll send you a link to the scans when I get them done, probably next week. I’ve promised someone the System Shock 2 guide so I ought to get that done first.

          I’m using an Optiplex book scanner for all of these. It’s basically a normal scanner except the glass goes right to the edge so you only have to open a book 90 degrees to scan the page. It doesn’t scan to the very edge but gets within a few mm’s. It was cheap enough and works fairly well but the build quality is awful. I’m not sure I could recommend it as such but there isn’t anything else in the same price bracket.

          As far as Origin collectibles go, I’ve been looking for a boxed copy of Caverns Of Callisto for over a decade ever since forgetting to bid on an Ebay auction where it went for about $15. I’ve got copies of every other Origin game and it would be nice to complete the set one of these days. If you have any idea where I can get hold of one, even if it’s silly money (within reason), then I’d be extremely grateful.

      • Excellent, thank you so much! I’ve OCR’d it and have begun going through to correct everything.

        I don’t have a Caverns of Callisto myself, but I’ve put out some feelers–I’ll let you know when I find something!

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