G4TV Icons – Richard Garriott & Warren Spector

I expect this is one of those things that everyone except me already knew about but I discovered this G4TV show from 2002 on Richard Garriott today. It’s a biography including loads of interviews with him and other relevant (and not so relevant) figures from the industry. The majority of the show concentrates on the Ultima games and there wasn’t too much new but I liked the story about the reaction RG got in England when appearing in his Lord British persona.

I imagine LB still went over better with British audiences than the guy doing the voiceover for this show who was getting on my nerves within the first couple of minutes. Between him and all the quick cut editing, 20 minutes of this is a bit of an endurance test:-

Finding that led onto another programme with Warren Spector from a couple of years later. It’s a brief biography up to Deus Ex 2 which a strong emphasis on Origin and Looking Glass. The presentation is the same but it’s still worth a look:-

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