Wings Of Glory Review – PC Format

This is a review of Wings Of Glory from the February 1995 PC Format. It gets a decent reception but the reviewers prefer Dawn Patrol which I can’t comment on as it isn’t a game I’ve ever tried:-

Wings Of Glory Review - PC Format Page 1 Wings Of Glory Review - PC Format Page 2

While the site is less than busy, I’ve decided to change my web host after finding an option that is the same price for 2 years as I’m currently paying for 2 months. It sounds a little too good to be true in all honesty but I’ll give it a go and I can always move back. There will no doubt be some teething troubles and/or downtime when I start to make the switch.

UPDATE – The move appears to have gone smoothly enough with the only trouble being my slow upload speed. The database and wordpress installation are copied over and working. All that’s left is transferring all the images and files which is going to take a while.

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