Normal service will be resumed shortly…

Anyone trying to use the site over the last day or so may have spotted that about a third of the image thumbnails aren’t working. Fixing this should be fairly trivial but will involve a lot of manual post editing so I’ll hold off until I’m somewhere with a nice fast Internet connection before I tackle the job properly. All the missing images should spring to life over the next day or two.

This has all been caused by yet another change of website host + the quirks of the WordPress import process. The good news is that the site is now on its own dedicated box so it should be a little snappier. Admittedly it’s quite a basic setup but well up to my needs + half the cost of the VPS I was on before.  The new box might even inspire me to actually make some new content once I have everything sorted out.

Other than the thumbnails, I think everything is as it was on the old site. If anyone spots anything else that isn’t working, let me know and I’ll get it sorted out.

3 thoughts on “Normal service will be resumed shortly…

  1. Think it’s time for another one of your collection overview pics, Pix. The fans want to see how may new shelves have been filled up. And with what!

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