Omega Review + Tournament Coverage – Computer Gaming World

This is a review of Origin’s tank programming game Omega taken from the November 1989 issue of Computer Gaming World:-

OmegaReviewCGWPage1 OmegaReviewCGWPage2


In the same issue, CGW started a monthly feature covering the tournament for the game that Origin ran. A flyer for this tournament was included in every copy of the game and it ran for several months with contestants pitting their tanks against each other. The winner won all of Origin’s games, an Omega jacket, $500 and an Omega trophy. The trophy and/or jacket would make nice collectibles to say the least although I’ve no idea what happened to them. Each month’s competition had a brief writeup in CGW with the final results being declared in true Origin style as an announcement by Cybertank manufacturers OSI. I’ve included scans of all of the monthly features below:-

OmegaTournament1 OmegaTournament2

OmegaTournament3 OmegaTournament4

OmegaTournament5 OmegaTournament6

While I’m posting I’ll mention that I’ve added a couple more guide scans to the downloads page. These are X-Wing Collector’s CD (the biggest guide I’ve scanned so far) + Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade. More Lucasart’s scans are on the way when I get around to it.

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