PC Gamer Top 100 -1997

By “popular” request, here is a scan of PC Gamer’s top 100 games article from July 1997, exactly 20 years ago. This time period just about marks the end of the non 3D accelerated era as evidenced by some of the new entries on the list such as Tomb Raider, MDK and Carmageddon which were initially released without 3dfx support and patched shortly after.

I haven’t checked but expect that Origin’s contribution to the list are much the same as the year before with System Shock at 16, Ultima Underword 1/2 at 28, Ultima 8 at 60, Crusader No Regret at 74 and Shadow Caster at 95. Wing Commander however gets emitted entirely with a nod only in the special award for perseverance! UK PC mags really didn’t like Wing Commander in this era.

There are at least some genuine favourites of mine among the new entries, especially Dungeon Keeper and Toonstruck. Some choices look very odd in hindsight and it goes without saying that my list would be entirely different but that’s always the case with these things. I do find picking Ultima 8 out of the whole series indefensible but it’s nice that someone likes it I suppose.

It’s the games on here that I haven’t tried that interest me the most so I’m coming away from reading through this list thinking I really should get that copy of D/Generation off the shelf and actually play the thing.

110146 110147 110148 110149 110150 110151 110152 110153 110154 110155 110156 110157 110158 110159 110160 110161 110162 110163 110164 110165 110166 110167 110168 110169 110170 110171 110172 110173110174110175110176110177

4 thoughts on “PC Gamer Top 100 -1997

  1. Quick thoughts:
    – Dig against interactive movies as early as the second charts page
    – Pic of Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat in the Warcraft II entry
    – Magic Carpet 2 at 78 despite scoring sub 50% in the PCG review
    – Sequels bundled together, but X-Wing, Tie Figther and X-Wing vs Tie Fighter get separate entries
    – Hexen>Duke
    – Theme Park and Theme Hospital in the same slot
    – No Gabriel Knight?
    – Star Trek: Generations scoring 93% that same year but not placing in top 50
    – Doom’s at 34 in 1997 and at 69 in PCG’s 2016 Top 100
    – Does any listed game feature native 3D acceleration?

    • It should be OK now. The errors were coming off of Jetpack – switching off the image accelerator looks to have fixed them. I notice the whole site was running horribly slowly as well so I’ve also rebooted the server.

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