PC Gamer Top 100 – 2000

The playthrough of GTA that was supposed to happen last month still hasn’t got going and I may put it on hold for a while. I did manage to get the DOS version of the game running in 3dfx mode on my Voodoo 3 which took some trial and error. Oddly the trick was to run it from Windows 98. I then realised I couldn’t get CD audio in Win 98 without another audio cable. By the time that was sorted I was in the middle of moving house. I only managed about an hour on the game before moving and have spent nearly every spare minute since unpacking. I’m still not quite done but have got far enough along to break off for a quick request from the other day.

That request was for one more years worth of the PC Gamer Top 100 which gets us up to the year 2000. In terms of PC gaming, I was quite definitely looking back as much as forward at this point. 3D videogames and slot games online had taken over more or less killing off my favoured genre of adventure games and I’d started to look around for the more obscure titles I’d missed along the way. Out of the new titles here, there are only a few I’ve actually played. The biggest shock for me is that one of those new titles is Ultima Ascension which got panned by nearly everyone but obviously not PC Gamer.  Ultima Online makes a return as well so not all that bad a year for Origin after all. There is a lengthy preview for Ultima Online 2 in the same magazine which I’ll take a look at later this week. For now here is PC Gamers best of the best for 2000:-

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PC Gamer Top 100 – 1999

I’ve scanned in one last PC Gamer Top 100 article to see off the millennium. Some real classics enter the list with the big new entries from my point of view being Half-Life, Thief, Final Fantasy 7 and Baldur’s Gate. There is also the usual crop of relatively forgettable new titles (at least to me) to go along with them. Grand Prix Legends still has it’s followers to this day but ultra-realistic racing games are definitely not my thing. Descent Freespace also makes an entry as high as #20. It deserves a place but I would have it behind Wing Commander Prophecy which never made it on any of these lists. 1999 looks like it was a good year at any rate with a stack of titles I’ve got fond memories of as well as the usual crop that I still need to play one of these days.

It was another bad year for Origin with Ultima 8, Ultima Online and Longbow all dropping out of the list. The only games left were developed by Looking Glass in the shape of Ultima Underworld and System Shock. Underworld is notable for being the oldest game on the list at this point and quite the relic even back then. Alpha Centauri enters at 21 which was tested at Origin as I understand which must make it the last game they were involved with to hit the top 100.

110001 110002 110003 110004 110005 110006 110007 110008110009 110010 110011 110012 110013 110014 110015 110016 110017 110018 110019 110020 110021 110022 110023 110024 110025 110026 110027 110028 110029 110030 110031

PC Gamer Top 100 -1997

By “popular” request, here is a scan of PC Gamer’s top 100 games article from July 1997, exactly 20 years ago. This time period just about marks the end of the non 3D accelerated era as evidenced by some of the new entries on the list such as Tomb Raider, MDK and Carmageddon which were initially released without 3dfx support and patched shortly after.

I haven’t checked but expect that Origin’s contribution to the list are much the same as the year before with System Shock at 16, Ultima Underword 1/2 at 28, Ultima 8 at 60, Crusader No Regret at 74 and Shadow Caster at 95. Wing Commander however gets emitted entirely with a nod only in the special award for perseverance! UK PC mags really didn’t like Wing Commander in this era.

There are at least some genuine favourites of mine among the new entries, especially Dungeon Keeper and Toonstruck. Some choices look very odd in hindsight and it goes without saying that my list would be entirely different but that’s always the case with these things. I do find picking Ultima 8 out of the whole series indefensible but it’s nice that someone likes it I suppose.

It’s the games on here that I haven’t tried that interest me the most so I’m coming away from reading through this list thinking I really should get that copy of D/Generation off the shelf and actually play the thing.

110146 110147 110148 110149 110150 110151 110152 110153 110154 110155 110156 110157 110158 110159 110160 110161 110162 110163 110164 110165 110166 110167 110168 110169 110170 110171 110172 110173110174110175110176110177