Starlancer – Official Guide

I had a request for this guide along with a couple of others a week or two back. It’s in the downloads now but the other two could be a while. It was published by Sybex in 2000 and written by Doug Radcliffe.

There is some nice artwork throughout the book but the rest of the content is fairly run of the mill stuff. There are a couple of chapters to start with on general tactics, followed by two more on ship and missile stats. These chapters give a general guide to the game but do very little to expand on the Starlancer universe.

After this there are lengthy mission descriptions. These are extremely detailed and if they can’t get you through the game then it’s just a case of more practice.

Next are a couple of short sections on the multi-player aspects and tactics. I never tried multi-player in Starlancer but it sounds like it could have been fun with some varied game modes.

At the end of the book there is a 4 page interview with some of the developers. This mainly covers design decisions that were made and nothing in it grabbed my attention. There is also a poster of some of the ships which I couldn’t unfold without ripping it out of the book, so it’s not included in the pdf.

There isn’t a lot to say about this guide. Much like the game itself, it is professionally put together but slightly dull and uninspired.