Quest For Clues 4

This is the 4th in the series of Quest For Clues books and was published by Origin in 1991. This doesn’t break the formula, and is the same as ever with solutions for 40 more games. There are only the 3 solutions for Origin games this time and no foreword whatsoever leaving me with nothing much to write about that I haven’t already said for the first 3 books. There are another 2 of these books left in the series, which I’m hoping will have a little more for me to work with.

The offer stands to scan in any of these solutions if anyone wants to see one of them, but I expect walkthroughs to most (if not all) of these games can be easily found on the internet. Some of the RPG’s covered are quite complex and the walkthroughs are brief considering this. With only a few pages per game, it’s very much a bare minimum to get you through but with so many games covered in each book it was potentially good value for money at the time. It just doesn’t make it of much interest as a collectible 20 years down the line, although I’m sure I’ll have made use of a solution or two in here over the years and may well use a few more of them when I get round to playing some of the other games I’ve amassed.

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