ScummVM Hacks 1.7.0

After not updating it for over a year, I’ve put some of my week off work into porting over my “improved” version of ScummVM to the latest release 1.7.0 and have done builds for Windows, Android, Pandora and PSP. Testing all the engines thoroughly is far beyond the amount of time I can dedicate to this but it should be stable enough. All the versions are available from here.

This version of ScummVM was originally developed before MT-32 emulators became usable with a mind to putting the MT-32 and Sound Canvas soundtracks into the games by recording them from the original hardware and playing them back during the game. These days, it’s not so much use on Windows since MT-32 emulation is near perfect and as such I’m not actively developing it. It still offers a big improvement to sound quality on less powerful hardware though and I’d definitely recommend it for Android/Pandora/PSP users who want something better than Adlib audio. It’s not pretty but the source code is available to download for anyone who wants to try this on other devices.

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